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XFish Price List

Updated: January 1, 2014
XFish Recon Micro Skiff

X-Fish Plus - $3,495 (120 lbs)
X-Fish Standard - $2,995 (98 lbs)
X-Fish Lite - $1,795 (48 lbs)

Financing Available

(Includes the following premium items)


Frigid Rigid Cooler* $560.00   Custom Trailer $995.00
Keel Guard $225.00 Casting/Leaning post* $410.00
Custom colors $495.00 Live Well $495.00
Clamp-on rod holders for casting/leaning post* $105.00
Tolling motors and gas motors available on request  

* Not available on the X-Fish Lite

All Prices Are FOB Plant – Ft Myers, Florida



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